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These are the steps I am taking for building my first electric guitar. Where it stops is where I'm at. This page will change if I make a mistake and need to backtrack. In this case I will add a bloopers page where I will show most of my missteps.

Note that these steps were not done chronologically. Some I did before some other I did while waiting etc.

Some images were edited to highlight some areas such as pencil drawing.

Most of the steps I took were the steps that were suggested by the books I bought. I strongly suggest reading these books as they contain a wealth of information about guitar building. Check the links pages!


Sanding table, converts a drill press into a spindle sander mockup

Guitar body: part 1

Guitar neck


Todo Next

Guess what! I bought the bridge pickup and it doesn't fit the pickup cavity specified on the plan! It was expected. So now what? Its time for the neck! I need it to know where the fingerboard will end and where to put the bridge to make a 24 3/4" scale length. Then I'll know where to put the pickups and route the pickup and control cavities. This is usually done at the design phase but since the plan does not fit the hardware it'll require adjustments. After this I'll be able to start carving the body contours and finish the body.