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Now that's the fun part now is it? Well I skipped most of it, I bought plans. Why did I do that? Its my first electric guitar so I didn't not want to bother too much about design. I'm not a musician and my main motivation for building the guitar is to learn about it. Making from an already established design will teach me how a great guitar was made. Once I'm familiar with guitar making, I'll be able to make thoughful design decisions.

This said, there is still some things to be said about design. I want the guitar to have a heavy edge yet powerful tones cutting through distortion, punchy. Not muddy, yet not so thin as a Stratocaster. Its rather difficult to describe sound.

The guitar will be built around a Gibson SG plan. So it will have an SG shape and will also have standard Les Paul wiring. It will have two humbucker pickups. These will probably be a Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz at the neck and Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB at the bridge (listen to them and drool!). It will have a tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. The body will be made of mahogany. The neck will either be mahogany or maple. The fingerboard will be either rosewood or ebony. If the wood is nice, it will have a clear finish with white pickguard. Otherwise, it will have an opaque charcoal finish with black pickguard. The tuners will be Grover machine heads arranged in a standard 3R 3L configuration. The strap will be held by Dunlop StrapLock system.