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Trial and Errors

This section describes some mistakes I did while making the guitar. It also contains things I tried but did not work well. This section shows that its possible for a beginner to make a project even though problems arise and seem impassible at times.

Mistake: Sanding the edges of the body prototype flush with the template

A mishap happened near the end of the operation. The wheel was not bolted tightly enough and eventually got loose due to the turning of the sanding drum on top. The drum's shaft bolt head was resting against the wheel bolt but I put bearing grease in between. Nonetheless the wheel moved just a little bit further towards the back of the drill and allowed the drum to sand further than the template. The movement was very small though, somewhere around 1/64" and luckily had no impact on the finished product. I tightened the wheel and added a second nut to secure it.