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Building my first electric guitar!

Welcome to the guitar building part of my site. This site is not meant to be a how-to guide for building guitars. It is a periodic log of the steps I am currently taking towards finishing my first electric guitar. I did and I will make mistakes, probably a lot. I am not a professional musician nor am I a woodworker. My project is purely amateur and is done for the fun of it.

The reason I publish this site is because I want to keep a long lasting log of how I did my first guitar so I may learn from my mistakes and later see my progress. I decided to publish it on the internet because it is easy and may give me a reason to keep updating the progress log.

Note that the currency is always in Canadian dollars otherwise noted.

Note: I am in no way responsible for any of you who decide to follow the log and use power tools or modify their guitar. If you brake something, its your fault not mine.